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Boomers group – a product development company, which works on the western highly competitive markets. The heart of the company is our ENGAGED TEAM inspired by the Zappos corporate culture and Japanese philosophy of Kaizen to create INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS.

What we do


We believe that any good project starts with a comprehensive market research to work out an effective marketing strategy, determine the main target group, analyze competitors, and evaluate potential benefits and risks. We do the best to make our products outstanding and customized to very specific needs of our customers. There is no uniform solution here: each and every of our projects receives personalized attention required to make it successful.


We seek to provide high-quality services and create only the most innovative products to meet unique and varied needs of our customers. By carefully monitoring the development process and readjusting our tools and methods to changing requirements, we tend to get the best results and ensure 100% satisfaction. We pride ourselves on helping create and promote products of superior quality and value that can improve lives of millions of people around the world, now and for years to come.


Our professional team is skilled in promoting all kinds of products. We utilize a great variety of modern tools and methods to promote our services and introduce them to a wider audience. Starting from customized article writing, forum and blog posting, to video marketing, SMM, and SEO, we use a comprehensive approach to making our products known worldwide. We develop our services in a competitive environment and seek to create the most favorable conditions for market penetration.


BOOMERS Group support team provides its clients with guaranteed 24/7 live customer service. We never miss any opportunity to improve our services further and make them more customer-friendly. We appreciate any feedback our clients provide us with, and take each question and every concern seriously. We do our best to stay approachable and flexible, when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs.

Join our team

Our job opportunities as well as our doors are always open for talented people whose sense of life is IT research, development and promotion of INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS. We pay great attention to the hiring process, and even in the case of insufficient skills, you can apply for an internship in our company. Send us an email at hr@boomersgroup.com with your CV and share with us a few words about yourself.

Application form

Our recruiters are very approachable and friendly people you can always rely on, when making professional and balanced decisions. To send us your application you can simply fill in the form provided below. Our recruiters will get back to you with a brief interview and help decide whether Boomers Group is the right career choice for you. We strongly recommend you to check out the information on our website before the interview and think over questions you would like to ask.

Three-level testing

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we prefer to see what you can do rather than hear about it. After you apply for a position, you will have a chance to prove your professional skills and abilities during our three-level testing.
  • Job interview with HR representatives.
  • Theoretical knowledge testing by our TOP manager.
  • Testing of your professional skills on practice, where you will get some small tasks to prove your work experience. This part usually takes place in the comfort of your own home. We need to make sure we can pull it together.


After we see what you can do, and if these results satisfy us, we will invite you to our office for 2-3 days training. We will assess your skills in a more specific task-oriented way. You will get a chance to learn more about who Boomers Group members are, and we in our turn will have a chance to get to know you better!


You should understand that this step takes time and efforts. If you do not see any benefits in the process that digs beneath a CV, Boomers Group is not for you. However, if you choose to join us, we guarantee full satisfaction with your further job, numerous opportunities and professional development.

Our Team

Areas of interest

BOOMERS Group develops comprehensive high-loaded systems, which have an advanced level of safety, working speed and errorless features. All the platforms we create are thoroughly tested and we completely guarantee their never-failing operation.
Mobile application development
We provide excellent app experience and easy-to-use capabilities to any mobile user. We optimize speed and performance for any mobile device.
Investment and management
We design projects both independently and with the involvement of venture capital funds from the CIS, GCC and USA. When investing into projects, we take full control of them and provide an effective and complete management cycle. Our company is proud of its crack team of IT experts, who have excellent accomplishment records of successfully completed projects of all kinds.
Complex online marketing solutions
The flexibility of complex online marketing solutions we offer allows us to properly address all marketing challenges we face. We implement different marketing strategies that help us make the overall climate more favorable for businesses: SEO, PPC, SMO etc. With ability to see a wider picture, we channel our efforts to design and implement the most effective and personalized solutions that will benefit each of our clients.
Customers support service
We provide our customers with 24/7/365 professional consulting and support services concerning outsourcing processes, development and marketing, investment opportunities etc. We always do our best to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Telephone: +38 044 331 04 32